The Show

The Divine Mercy Radio Show is a series of creatively produced one-hour programs hosted by director Daniel diSilva. The show centers around Saint Faustian and the Original Image of Divine Mercy and includes artists, theologians, clergy, and witnesses from around the world as special guests. 

About the Host

Daniel diSIlva first became familiar with Divine Mercy in 1992 when a young Polish girl living a few doors down kept visiting him inviting him to join her prayer group. Once a week they came together to pray the chaplet. Although diSilva never accepted her invitation, the small holy cards she left behind became his “guide” when one day he began traveling the long, hard road to forgiveness. It was then that he became devoted to Divine Mercy. 

Many years later, in 2008, he was traveling through Vilnius, Lithuania, for work when a young priest asked him if he would like to see his small chapel. Together they walked to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy where the Original Image was venerated. The priest told him that this was indeed Saint Faustina’s original masterpiece. Incredulous but curious, diSilva was allowed to spend the night in the chapel which began his years-long efforts to research the history of the Original Image of Divine Mercy and the innumerable imitations well-known around the world, culminating in his 2016 documentary, The Original Image of Divine Mercy. 

Today, diSIlva, a composite artist himself, is a much sought-after presenter on the Original Image of Divine Mercy, and the host of this well-produced radio show that covers every angle of the subject. For more information about the program, please contact or call (817) 936-3348.