The Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece

The Director’s Presentation on the Original Image


Director Daniel diSilva brings a unique presentation about The Original Image of Divine Mercy to parishes, schools, and private events around the world. His presentation is a meaningful and entertaining multi-media event that unfolds the unknown history about the priceless masterpiece - surprisingly there is much more to Saint Faustina’s original painting than is generally known. While directing the most authoritative documentary on the subject, diSilva traveled across Europe to speak with some of the most knowledgeable and “connected” people surrounding Kazimirowski’s original work, uncovering some of the most important hidden details about why the Original Image of Divine Mercy took the arduous journey that it did. Having led over 200 hours of interviews with experts and witnesses covering facts and history of the painting, only 90 minutes of which could be included in the final cut of the film, diSilva has become one of the world’s most eloquent speakers about this now-famous work of art. There is still so much to tell about this painting which has captivated the world, and specifically, why it remained relatively unknown until the making of this film. Be part of the discussion concerning the implications of the The Original Image of Divine Mercy in Theology and in the Art World – a conversation which has only just begun. 


Daniel diSilva - Director

The Original Image of Divine Mercy

Director Daniel diSilva has spent his entire professional career searching for new ways of placing the Arts at the service of the Good, True, and Beautiful. His credits include collaborations and creative partnerships with a long list of theaters, celebrities, media outlets, and religious organizations. Best known now for his documentary films including The Original Image of Divine Mercy (2015), and Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae (2018), diSilva has served on the production side of some of the New Evangelization's largest and best-known international events (NCYC, Steubenville Youth Conferences, emcee at World Youth Days 2000, 2005, 2008, etc.), film productions (Ben-Hur, A.D. The Bible Continues, Chant Camp, Fishers of Men, etc.), music (Alison Krauss, James Taylor, Natalie MacMaster, Mark O'Connor, The Chieftains, Joe Vincelli, Carlos Guedes, Crispin and many others), radio/TV (EWTN TV and Radio, The Divine Mercy Show, Boston Catholic TV, Relevant Radio, etc.), and has contributed to the program offerings at major events, and film and music festivals around the world. As an artist and designer, he has partnered with a long list of media outlets, religious organizations, dioceses, theaters, and top celebrities. In his off time he continues to direct films and write from his home in Fort Worth (TX). Daniel is also the founding co-director of The Shakespeare Academy of San Diego, and long-time member of the Knights of Columbus.

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A Traveling Gallery of Art and Archives

Museum Gallery - The Director’s Cut Film Presentation is accompanied by a gallery of original artworks and important artifacts that are relevant to the film. These items, some of them priceless, will be on displayed at the event.


Replica to Relic

A one-of-a-kind exact replica of the Original Image of Divine Mercy accompanies the Director’s Cut Film Presentation. Examination and veneration of the original paining, which is over 2 meters high, would not be possible at a closer distance. The image that travels with the Directors Cut Film Presentation is a third class relic (touched to the Original Image of Divine Mercy) and is of the highest resolution and quality. The relic is an exact reproduction of the original painting containing even the smallest observable details, all of which reveal the work and suffering that was involved in the execution of this masterpiece.


Relics of Blessed Father Michael Sopocko 

Fr. Michael Sopocko (Blessed Michael Sopoćko) was the Catholic priest and professor at Vilnius University who became the spiritual director of Saint Faustina. After her early death, the spreading of the devotion to Divine Mercy fell into his hands. His personal memoirs and other writings are an integral part of the history of the Original Image of Divine Mercy and are the primary source of information about the details given to the artist by Saint Faustina. 

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From the Archives in Vilnius 

As discussed in the film, the Original Image of Divine Mercy was first spread throughout the world in miniature. As the horrors of the Soviet Occupation of Vilnius escalated, people were imprisoned in labor camps and exiled to Siberia, far away from their homes and families. Many of these people managed to hide and keep only one possession – a small photocopy of the Merciful Jesus which had been secretly sewn into their clothing for protection from their oppressors. One of the few remaining images from the first printing (circa 1935) is on loan to the producers of The Original Image of Divine Mercy for exhibition at these presentations.


The Director’s Presentation on the Original Image is a two hour (approx.) event that features an edited (shorter) version of the film and a talk by director Daniel diSilva, followed by a Q&A session with the director. When requested, the film can be shown in its entirety, making the presentation go for a total time of about 2 hours and 45 minutes. The presentation can also be extended across two or three evenings; one night for the film, a second night for the presentation explaining the fascinating details of the Original Image, and, when possible, a third night with the Original Image and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with live music provided by Daniel diSilva. 

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